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Wissmannstr. 33
50823 Köln
Fon: 0221-569 17 55
Mail: info@kduregger.de

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C O R P O R A T E   F I L M S

Director and producer of coperate films for various clients: companies, NGOs,
associations, institutions. Special field is the production of EPKs, concert films and DVDs for musicians, book authors and artists.

medica mondiale e.V.
Interview film with the supporters of the NGO medica mondiale e.V. during
the 20th anniversary celebration.
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Florian Ross - Big Company
EPK about the CD "Ties & Loose Ends" of Florian Ross.
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Film about the Mallet-Institute in Düsseldorf, founder Matthias Goebel.
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The Terrace is our A-Level
Project Monitoring of the School Art Project in Düsseldorf,
idea and concept of the project by Ute Reeh.
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medica mondiale e.V.
Videopodcasts about the work of the NGO medica mondiale e.V.
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medica mondiale e.V.
Corporate Film for the NGO
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Ullstein Chronic
Film about the book for the Publisher Ullstein
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feuer.HOLZ - Rendel Freude
Film about the art of
Rendel Freude » watch
Leipzig Book Fair 2011
Films for the Publishers
Urachhaus and Freies Geistesleben » watch
Ullstein » watch
»Artemis Fowl - The Atlantis-Complex"
Reading with Eoin Colfer and Peter Lohmeyer in Cologne
Fred Hersch Plays for LIFE
Director of the Charity-Solo-Concert DVD for the
European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM).
Recording in October 2010 in Barcelona, editing in December 2010 in Paris.

"In walked Bud"

 "Down Home"

Portrait for the Publisher » Urachhaus
about the Author Monika Kiel-Hinrichsen »watch
Portrait for the Publisher » Urachhaus
about the Illustrator Daniela Drescher »watch
Concert Clips for the Band „Drei vom Rhein“



EPK for the » NDR Bigband
"NDR Bigband Artist in Residence at the Krakow Jazz Festival", for the » NDR
EPK for the » Band Lühning
CD: "Entfernung", for » Herzog Records
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Music Clips:


 Zum Anfang


EPK for » Jeff Cascaro
CD: “Mother and Brother”
for » Herzog Records
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Canta Ro´ - Etta Scollo
DVD, 20´
» Etta Scollo
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