Katja Duregger, Journalistin,Autorin,Regisseurin
  K a t j a D u r e g g e r

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Wissmannstr. 33
50823 Köln
Fon: 0221-569 17 55
Mail: info@kduregger.de

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"In a good movie it´s all about truth, not about reality."
(Sergej Eisenstein)

Katja Duregger is a Documentary Filmmaker, Producer and TV-Journalist. She also produces corporate films and EPKs for musicians, labels and publishers.
My Documentary "Vincent Peirani - The New Breath of Jazz"
will be broadcasted on arte on the 13th of May 2018 at 11.15 pm (11:45 in France).

      In Production:
      Several episodes of diverse documentary series for SWR.