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Wissmannstr. 33
50823 Köln
Fon: 0221-569 17 55
Mail: info@kduregger.de

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* 1970 in Stuttgart, Germany

Study of Political Science, History, Philosophy, Rhetoric, Literature and Media Science with the
main focus on Documentary Films at the Universities of Cologne, Tübingen and Marburg (MA).

Before, during and after the studies worked at Radio (Stadtradio Stuttgart, Radio Hamburg, Hit
Radio FFH in Frankfurt), at WDR-Radio (show: Hallo Ü-Wagen) and diverse TV-Productions in
Cologne (among others PRO GmbH, Show: Boulevard Bio and probono GmbH)

Special Film and TV education at a TV-Production in Bergisch-Gladbach
Documentary Film School at the Filmwerkstatt Münster.

Since the year 2000 freelance TV-Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker for the TV
stations WDR, HR, NDR, SWR, ZDF, 3sat, Arte, Subjects: Music, Culture, Politics and Society.

From July 2013 - Februrary 2015 Author and Producer at TAG/TRAUM Filmproduction in Cologne.

Production of Concert DVDs, Music Documentaries and EPKs (Electronic Press Kit) for Record
Labels and Musicians (Jazz, World, Singer/Songwriter), Portraits for Publishers, Coporate Films.
English, Italian, German