After The War

’43, ZDF Dokukanal/HRT, 2009

A Docu­men­ta­ry film about child­ren at the age of 12–15, who live in the Ex-War Regi­on of Croa­tia, right at the bor­der to Bos­nia. They live in the cities of Okuca­ni, Nova Gra­dis­ka and Sla­von­ski Brod and they´ve deve­lo­ped a very rare kind of bone can­cer. Some sci­en­tists and doc­tors pre­su­me it´s becau­se of Deple­ted Ura­ni­um ammu­ni­ti­on, which has been used during the Yugo­s­lav War in the 90ties and still pol­lu­tes the earth, on which the child­ren play. But the dose is too small to be real­ly alar­ming, sci­en­tist say, still it can assail the bones of the child­ren during their growth. The sub­ject is a taboo that no one wants to adress and is causing a lot of pain in the regi­on — phy­si­cal­ly, emo­tio­nal­ly and mentally.


Script/Director: Kat­ja Duregger
Film edi­t­ing: Vol­ker Gehrke
Came­ra: Sin­iša Galar
Sound: Dario Maešic
Light: Dubrav­ko Topol
Music: Gre­gor Schwellenbach
Consulting+Translation: Ruža And­lar
Head of Production: Con­nie Kellers
Exe­cu­ti­ve Producer: Kers­tin Krieg
Pro­du­cer: Gerd Haag
Edi­tor: Dr. Gabrie­le Weyand, ZDF Doku­ka­nal; Vedran Vuka­si­no­vic, HRT Kroatien