The Gotthard-Project

´26, WDR/arte, 2007

On the wind-swept heights of the Gott­hard Pass, the film crew accom­pa­nies the Swiss con­cep­tu­al artist Jean Oder­matt to one of his pro­jects: Loca­ted abo­ve the town of Ander­matt, he has trans­for­med a for­mer bun­ker com­plex in an under­ground adven­ture hotel named “La Claus­tra”. The Swiss con­cep­tu­al artist and pho­to­gra­pher Jean Oder­matt has been inten­si­ve­ly invol­ved with the Gott­hard for over 25 years. A place that does not real­ly exist, he says, becau­se the­re is no moun­tain that is so cal­led, the­re is not even a vil­la­ge that bears this name. The Gott­hard is just a pass, which has gai­ned a high pro­fi­le in the 50s through the con­struc­tion of the tun­nel. It’s a very stran­ge place, says Jean Oder­matt, who lea­ves no one emo­tio­nal­ly untouched.



Script/Director: Kat­ja Duregger
Film edi­t­ing: Vol­ker Gehrke
Came­ra: Tho­mas Kutschker
Sound: André Pfen­nig
Head of production: Con­nie Kellers
Exe­cu­ti­ve Producer: Ana­hi­ta Nazemi
Pro­du­cer: Gerd Haag
Com­mis­sio­ning Editor: Andrea Ernst, WDR/arte