How the Doner Kebab came to the Rhine

´43, WDR 2012

The film tells about the histo­ry of the Doner Kebab and the pro­gress of its suc­cess in the Ger­man regi­on Rhi­ne­land and Ruhr. In por­tray­ing two fami­lies, one in Colo­gne and one in Duis­burg, who star­ted their Fast Food Restau­rants in the 70ties, the film also tells the sto­ry of the Tur­kish Immi­gra­ti­on in Germany.


Script/Director: Kat­ja Duregger
Came­ra: Chris­ti­an Eichenauer
Sound: Mus­ta­fa Özakbiyik
Film edi­t­ing: Julia Wie­gand
Com­mis­sio­ning Editor: Gud­run Wol­ter, WDR
Pro­du­cer: Wolf­gang Bergmann
Pro­duc­tion: Licht­film GmbH